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I’m sorry, I really will start posting longer, more serious posts again soon. I’m so tired this week that it’s difficult for me to focus on writing posts like those. And later this week I will have something to announce, so watch for a post to be called YA Novel Challenge. I leave for Wiscon on Thursday, so I’ve been trying to get a lot of things done that I need to get done before I leave. That’s why it’s been difficult for me to post. And as I said, I’m tired.

Today, I’m going to tell you about something you may have noticed above: I’m working on a new page for this website. It’s called Favorites (see the menu bar), and it’s a page on which I’m listing the twenty posts that readers seem to have liked the most since I started blogging here. In case you’re interested in what those posts are, here you go:

Value Yourself
Wicked and Lovely
Write Every Day
On Blogging
Finding the Joy
Go Tonight
Thoughts on Love
Becoming Yourself
Thoughts on Writing
Choices and Consequences
Being a Snail
How to Revise
Why Go to Conventions?
Being a Brand
Writing Tired
What Terri Said
Love and Squalor
Incorporating Failure

On the actual page, you will see short excerpts from each post. I think there’s a reason these particular posts are the favorites. Most of them are posts that offer something to the reader, something the reader can take away and apply to his or her own life. Which makes me think that we’re all searching – trying to figure out better ways to live, to work, to write. Ways to make ourselves more fulfilled. Ways to find more joy.

That makes me both sad and happy – happy in that we’re all searching for that I believe to be important things, sad in that we’re all still searching. Is life a constant search? Or will we find a place where we can sit down, say yes, I have found the place, I have found home? The place where I can be creative, at peace with myself? I think perhaps the answer is, yes, both. There are places we can find, there are homes we can make for ourselves. At the same time, the search also continues. We are always seeking, always becoming. And I suppose that is what makes us what we are – human beings. The universe’s way of thinking about and understanding itself. At least, that’s one way I like to think about it.

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1 Response to Your Favorites

  1. Maery Rose says:

    I hope you get a chance to catch up on your rest. You’ve been pushing yourself awfully hard. Still, you managed to put together a thought-filled post.

    I think we end up continuously searching because of the way life seems to throw curves at us. I had found home 10 years ago, but divorce took it away so I’m searching again. I expect once I feel settled again, something else will come my way. As you say, the state of being human.

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