On this page, I’ve linked to stories, essays, and poems I’ve written that you can read for free online. Feel free to browse! And if you want to read more of my poetry, take a look at my poetry blog: Theodora Goss: Poems.


A Country Called Winter
Conversations with the Sea Witch
Queen Lily
Snow, Blood, Fur
Come See the Living Dryad
To Budapest, with Love
Red as Blood and White as Bone
In Autumn
Cimmeria: From the Journal of Imaginary Anthropology
Estella Saves the Village
England under the White Witch
Beautiful Boys
Christopher Raven
Fair Ladies
The Mad Scientist’s Daughter
Child-Empress of Mars
Catherine and the Satyr
Princess Lucinda and the Hound of the Moon
Singing of Mount Abora
Pip and the Fairies
Her Mother’s Ghosts
Lily, with Clouds
Sleeping with Bears
Professor Berkowitz Stands on the Threshold
The Rapid Advance of Sorrow
The Rose in Twelve Petals


My Apartment in Budapest
How to Be a Modern Romantic
J.R.R. Tolkien’s Art Nouveau Elvenlands
Professor Tolkien and the Fairies
The Invention of the Modern Monster
Into the Dark Forest: The Fairy Tale Heroine’s Journey
Planting a Magical Garden
A Brief History of Monsters
Writing My Mother’s Ghosts
Hungarian Fairies


Tam Lin Remembers the Fairy Queen
Medusa Gets a Haircut
The Cinder Girl Burns Brightly
Persephone in Hades
Seven Shoes
Rose Child
The Bear’s Wife
Swan Girls
The Witch-Wife
The Elf-King’s Daughter
My Garden
The Fox Wife
Fairy Tale
The Witch
The Changeling
What Her Mother Said
The Bear’s Daughter
The Ophelia Cantos