The problem, of course, is that I’m exhausted.

It’s been building up for weeks and weeks. Well, at least the last two weeks. And when I’m exhausted, I don’t have the energy to write. I just do what I have to, which at this point is work. I’m struggling even to keep up with the writing work: I have stories and interviews I owe people.

I keep trying to answer emails, but I get almost a hundred a day.

And of course, since I’m so tired, I’m not exercising or eating as well as I should be.

I think I’m just really struggling right now. Once the semester is over, I should be able to get my life cleaned up, get back on a better track. Because I simply can’t keep doing this.

The PhD is over, right? Things were supposed to get better. But I think that once the PhD ended, all the things I’d been putting off suddenly started to happen – especially all the writing things. I literally can’t even keep up with the requests for reprints and translation rights. And there’s a special project I’m supposed to be working on that is going so much more slowly than I would like. And sometimes daily life is just a mess. (I totally forgot about Easter, and had to run around tonight buying Easter things for Ophelia, and spent way too much money – as one does, trying to do anything at the last minute.)

I’m afraid this blog post is all complaints. Well, so be it.

Today, I actually slept most of the day, because I was so exhausted from the week. Here I am, at around two in the afternoon, in the bathroom mirror. I have not yet brushed my hair. Sad, isn’t it?

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2 Responses to Exhaustion

  1. Jesse Walker says:

    All the things we could do if exhaustion didn’t get in the way

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