Two Songs

I’m so tired tonight! I think the last few weeks are finally catching up with me. The adrenaline is going away, and I’m left with just the tiredness. It’s time to rest, take care of myself.

But of course, I start teaching tomorrow. What should I wear for the first day of classes? Something to impress upon the students what sort of professor they’ve gotten this semester. It should say that I’m cool, and interesting, and will ask more of them than they’ve ever been asked of before in a writing class. Gypsy skirt? Skinny jeans? Something that will alert them to the fact that I sit on tables and pace around the classroom and constantly ask questions. That they won’t be able to sleep, actually or intellectually. In other words, something intimidating. But cool. You know? (I’m laughing as I write this. What outfit will say: I can get you from gothic horror to detective fiction by way of Scooby Doo?)

So you won’t get much of a blog post from me tonight. I’m mostly ready, but I still have some preparing to do. Instead of writing a blog post, I’m going to give you two videos, an old favorite and a new curiosity.

The old favorite is “Winter Winds” by Mumford and Sons. This song was recommended to me long ago by my friend Nathan, and it’s become one of my favorites.

The new curiosity is called “Calamity Song” by The Decembrists. It was inspired by the novel Infinite Jest, by David Foster Wallace. I first heard about it in an article on Salon. I haven’t read Infinite Jest (should I? some of you Wallace fans will have to tell me). But I thought the concept was so interesting.

So there you go, I’m afraid that’s all I have for you today. I need to make sure I know what I’m going to say tomorrow. Among other things, I’m going to give the students their first writing assignment of the semester, which they’ll need to create themselves. Intimidating: that’s what I’m going for! And cool.

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5 Responses to Two Songs

  1. Re David Foster Wallace–there are three fine reviews here, and an interview and reading from ‘The Pale King’ that may interest you in deciding whether or not to read it dear Theodora–

    And, tomorrow, no matter what you wear, you’ll ‘knock ’em dead’ with your beautiful, self-possessed, finely-accomplished being. Just remember ‘compassion’ for the path they have stumbled upon. You know what it cost!

  2. emily says:

    Tell them to call you “your majesty.” I’m sure they will too. =]

  3. Nivair says:

    I so wish I were one of your students. Also, both these videos are made of win!

  4. Nathan says:

    That’s funny, I’ve been listening to Mumford & Sons a lot again, recently. “Winter Winds” is still my favorite.

  5. Michelle, thanks, I haven’t had a chance to read the review yet, but will soon.

    Emily, I told them a former student had told me to tell them that. They laughed! 🙂

    Nivair, that would be fun!

    Yeah, Winter Winds is still my favorite too. And thanks for introducing it to me, Nathan! 🙂

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