Imaginary Shopping

Status report: I’ve finished revising Chapter 2 and the bibliography. All I have left is Chapter 3. I’ll revise that tomorrow, and then put the entire dissertation together. I’ll read it one more time over the weekend, and then I will hand it in. And that will be it until the defense.

I’m so tired tonight that I have no energy to write a post. So instead, I’m going to play a game. This is a game I used to play when I had absolutely no money, which was not all that long ago. Sometimes, to amuse myself, I would go to Newbury Street and look at all the shops. But since I had no money, I couldn’t buy anything. I would just pick out what I would buy if I did have the money. I would go imaginary shopping.

I still like that game. Now I have more than enough clothes, jewelery, paintings, all the things a house and I need. I have almost too much. But I still like picking out the things I would buy if I had the space.

We can’t go down to Newbury Street, can we? But we can go on Etsy. Let’s visit some of my favorite shops. Here are some items for us to buy (mentally, of course).

The first item is a print called Human Nature from Shirae. The links, by the way, are to the places where you can buy these things, if you do actually want to buy them. I’m cheating a little with this first one, because I own this print. I just need to get it framed.

Next, how about this raku-fired vase from Suzanne’s Pottery Farm? I think the colors would compliment the print perfectly.

And then we can buy some linen pillows from Cottage and Cabin. To be honest, I never actually buy pillows, because I can make them so easily. But I like these because they’re simple and floppy, which is just about what I think pillows should be.

Now let’s make sure we’re as magnificent as our furniture. We’re going to need an Icelandic Poppy hair ornament from The Faerie Market.

Which I think will go with this summer dress from L. Wang.

We still need something to go with the dress. Maybe a necklace from Parrish Relics.

That’s probably all we can afford tonight.  But it’s fun going imaginary shopping, isn’t it?  I know it used to amuse me, putting things together in my head like that.  It helped me to imagine the life I would want for myself, which would have these sorts of things in it.

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