Reading Poems

All right, I did it. I used Audacity to make a bunch of audio files. If you look at my Poems page now, this is what you’ll see, right at the top of the page:

“Ravens” text audio
“Fairy Tale” text
“An Education” audio
“Advice to a Daughter” audio
“The Marshes” audio
“Guenivere in Prison” audio
“The Goblins” audio
“The Witch” text
“Goblin Song” audio
“The Changeling” text audio
“The Bear’s Daughter” text audio
“What Her Mother Said” text audio
“The Ophelia Cantos” text audio
“Beauty to the Beast” audio

I’m still learning this process, and there are places on these files where I can hear things I don’t want to: me breathing, for instance. (Don’t get me wrong, breathing is good. I just don’t want to hear it in the middle of a poem.) And there are places where I could be more expressive, places where I could be – oh, all sorts of things. But I’m learning, and each time I do something like this, I’ll learn more about the technology, about how to use my voice.

So, feel free to comment and critique my efforts here. But I hope you enjoy having poems to listen to. And there will certainly be more to come.

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2 Responses to Reading Poems

  1. Thank you for doing this. I enjoy your poetry and enjoy listening to you. One comment: I believe the poems would benefit from being read more slowly.

  2. Luís Rodrigues says:

    Very nice. You should get on SoundCloud or Audioboo to spread these around. Great to hear your voice after all these years of reading & online interaction, too.

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