In the Cemetery

I thought most of the work I had to do this week would be done by now, but I’m still working hard, still not getting much sleep. Yesterday, I didn’t even write a blog post. (You probably noticed, didn’t you?) I’ll need to make one up later this month. In the meantime, since I still don’t have the time or, more importantly, the energy to write a blog post today, I’m going to post some more pictures that used to be on my old website. These were illustrations for a series of poems. They were taken at the gorgeous Mount Auburn Cemetery. I do like cemeteries. They’re so peaceful.

And it was fun to be Gothic Girl for a day.

I can’t think of any connection between these pictures and the story I’m writing, although if you want to, you can think of this as something Thea did when she went to Mount Auburn Cemetery with her friends. They all took pictures of themselves as ghosts. (Well, isn’t that the sort of thing you do when you’re going to Miss Lavender’s School, and it’s the weekend, and Emma got a new camera for her birthday?)

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5 Responses to In the Cemetery

  1. Karl Hexean Sumner says:

    Beautiful photos.

    And it is a beautiful cemetary. A Black and White photo of my hands on my wife’s pregnant belly was taken there fifteen years ago. It’s in one of the pic folders of my Facebook photo page. There are other photos of that day.We danced among the tombstones. We had just said goodbye to a friend.

  2. Brady says:

    I’m in love.

  3. Grey Walker says:

    Drooping over grave stones!

  4. I’m leaving home to go to a little writing retreat with a friend. List of things we want to do. Visit old cemeteries. Laughing. Beautiful photos. My fav is the one over 1856.

    Won’t have the Internet where I’m going. That’s a good thing right now.

  5. Wendy S. says:

    I love cemeteries and those beautiful photos remind me of “Ophelia” pining away for lost love…Except for the fourth to the last one which brings to mind the Celtic War Goddess the “Morrigan” with her secret smile. And sometimes we just need a break and take a rest (hopefully not underground) when our well is dry…

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