Museum Sunday

It’s Sunday, so of course we went to the Museum of Fine Arts. I can’t go more than a week without a banana split. Or art. I’m not actually sure which is more important.

This post is going to be mostly pictures, because there’s something else I want to write about, which I’ll get to later today. But here’s a brief synopsis of our trip.

First we went to the café, because we have to go to the café first. That’s not my rule, it’s Ophelia’s. And when you have a six-year-old who wants a fancy cheese plate and hot chocolate, there’s not much hope of looking at art before she gets them.

But afterward we had some time to look at two exhibits. The first was Fresh Ink: Ten Takes on Chinese Tradition, which has been there for a while and which we’ve seen several times already. But Ophelia loves wandering through it. It’s her favorite exhibit at the museum right now. Here are some pictures:

The second was Millet and Rural France. I loved this one. It’s along a hallway, a somewhat hidden hallway between one part of the museum and another. But the drawings are so fresh, so precise. They give me a sense of freedom, of beauty, as though I really were walking through the French countryside in the nineteenth century. Here are some pictures that will do no justice at all to Millet:

Then we went to the gift shop, because when you go to the museum with a six-year-old you can’t not go to the gift shop. And even though Ophelia had already spent her allowance this week, I bought her an art project, and I bought myself the earrings that went with my Christmas present. Here is one of the earrings (pink pearl and green crystal):

And here is my Christmas present, a bracelet based on Monet’s waterlily paintings (pink pearls, pink and green crystals, green enameled waterlilies):

And then we left the museum through what I call the Big Baby Head entrance. There are two Baby Heads, and they both had snowy caps, which was really quite funny. Here is one of them:

It was a very nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon. My favorite way.

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2 Responses to Museum Sunday

  1. Holly says:

    I think I need more traditions in my life.

  2. Well, going to the museum is a very good one!

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