Museum Trip Concluded

And here, finally, are five paintings I’ve included specifically because I want to display them in Mother Night’s house. Of course, her house contains all the paintings that have ever been painted, but there is a sort of rotating display, and these are five that I would definitely include (were I ever chosen as one of her curators).

Don’t be surprised at this final selection after my first four. I’ve loved Lee Bontecou since I saw an exhibit of her work at MOMA. I think she’s far and away one of the most interesting of the Modernists. It’s because I like a dose of fantasy in my art (without that fantastic element, art tends to bore me). And Bontecou’s paintings (can they be called paintings? rather, her sculptures and wall-sculptures) look like detritus from after the apocalypse, like the outsides of rusted spaceships or robot factories. There is an engaging Mad Max quality to them. I suppose, really, I like art that makes me think of stories – and her art does. It eminently belongs in Mother Night’s house.

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2 Responses to Museum Trip Concluded

  1. What i find difficult is to find a blog that can capture me for a minute but i think you offer something different. Keep it like this.

  2. Thanks, Rosalina! I’ll try . . . It’s basically a reflection of who I am, so unless I chance, I suspect it will stay like this even without my trying!

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