On this page, I’ve linked to my blog posts on the Fairy-Tale Heroine’s Journey. You can see how I developed the idea of a Fairy-Tale Heroine’s Journey, the stages of that journey, and how that journey appears in various fairy tales. Here are the stages of the journey:

1. The heroine receives gifts.
2. The heroine leaves or loses her home.
3. The heroine enters the dark forest.
4. The heroine finds a temporary home.
5. The heroine meets friends and helpers.
6. The heroine learns to work.
7. The heroine endures temptations and trials.
8. The heroine dies or is in disguise.
9. The heroine is revived or recognized.
10. The heroine finds her true partner.
11. The heroine enters her permanent home.
12. The heroine’s tormentors are punished.

Eventually, I hope to turn this material into a book. But in the meantime, you can read my preliminary ideas . . .

My essay in Faerie Magazine, in which I described all the stages of that journey:

Into the Dark Forest: The Fairy-Tale Heroine’s Journey

The paper I gave at the International Conference for the Fantastic in the Arts, in which I tried to provide a more academic perspective on that journey, as well as quotations from the tales:

Mapping the Fairy-Tale Heroine’s Journey
Mapping the Fairy-Tale Heroine’s Journey: Quotations

The stages of the Fairy-Tale Heroine’s Journey, described in more detail (an ongoing project):

1. Receiving Gifts
2. Leaving Home
3. The Dark Forest
4. A Temporary Home
5. Meeting Friends and Helpers
6. Learning to Work
7. Temptations and Trials
8. Death and Disguise I
8. Death and Disguise II

How the Fairy-Tale Heroine’s Journey appears in various fairy tales:

Snow White
Sleeping Beauty
The Goose-Girl
Vasilisa the Beautiful

And a quotation from a post I wrote about the heroine, which may be useful on your own journey, particularly when you’re wandering around in the dark forest:

The Heroine