One of Those Days

One of Those Days
by Theodora Goss

It is one of those days when I feel completely out of step
with the world, when I am convinced
I should be somewhere different . . .

Walking through a forest of tall trees, preferably maples
because it is autumn, and their leaves would create
a carpet, maybe even a path
of red and yellow. And I could follow it,
in the belief that I was going somewhere.

What has happened to my life?

My moments are measured by clocks,
not by the chirping of crickets, or the call
of birds in the underbrush at the edge of the forest,
not by the movements of water
as it falls over rocks into a pool.
Not by the sun sinking lower.
Although I know, I can feel, that it is all
falling: the leaves, the sun,
the running water into the still water.
And then the birds and crickets falling silent.

I can feel it even though in my efficient life
where the clocks are marking time,
all the minutes are the same: one after another,
in equal intervals. Still, outside my window,
behind the reflected electric lights,
slowly darkness comes,

like a benediction. And I feel
once again, that I was born elsewhere
and have, still, elsewhere to go . . .
where beneath tall trees, slowly the leaves
and evening are falling together.

Forest 3 x 1000

I wrote this poem on a day when I was feeling exactly like this!

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9 Responses to One of Those Days

  1. Phyllis Holliday says:

    I wish I knew who said this, as it’s one of my favorite mottos; “The trouble with being a poet is that you have to feed an animal.”

  2. Thank you Theodora for the above poem,

    As I read through it, I felt a stirring of the leaves, running at my feet, and a toss of the leaves in the Mulberry Tree, as if they were reminding me that, I too, need to be elsewhere falling the river, maybe like Ratty and Mole, unstuck from life, but part of the currents that be.

    Thank you for tapping into my path for the day. Tomorrow is another day.

    Carole Weave-Lane

  3. Eileen Reilly Nephin-Bish says:

    Oh my – that was my day today!

  4. Precisely how I often feel, despite that I am rather good at navigating our teeming troubled City. But I know there’s some Massachusetts in my near future and am thankful. Perfect poem.

  5. ayesha4827 says:

    aaah!! this is so perfect!

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