The Book Trailer

It’s funny how things never really seem to stop happening.

On Friday I defended my dissertation, and I thought I would have some time to rest. But things keep appearing in my inbox, or popping up in places where I least expect. Like YouTube.

Would you like to see what I mean? Take a look at this:

You know what that is, don’t you? It’s the book trailer! For The Thorn and the Blossom!  Which, in case you don’t remember, looks like this:

The book looks gorgeous in the trailer, but I can tell you, having seen a copy, that it looks considerably more gorgeous in your hand. It’s the sort of book you give your mother on her birthday, your girlfriend on Valentine’s day. It’s a romance and a mystery, and it’s unlike anything else Quirk has done. I hope it finds a readership, because I really am proud of it.

Would you be interested in hearing more about how I wrote it? After all, it was almost a feat of engineering, writing two stories that fit together like puzzle pieces. I’ll have to ask the publisher if I can talk about it, and when. But I think it would be interesting, for other writers and creative people in general, to hear about.

You know, nowadays we talk so much about changes in the publishing industry, and ebooks and building an author platform and all that business stuff. But what really matters, at least to me, is doing the projects that interest me, and that I think will be meaningful to readers. Because if I can’t do that, nothing else really matters, you know?

I hope you like the trailer, and I hope you like the idea – and I hope that eventually, when it comes out in January, you will like the book.

Another thing that’s popped up recently is that in April, I’ll be at a literary festival in Arkansas. I’ll give you details when I have them. So, Boskone in February, International Conference for the Fantastic in the Arts in March, the Arkansas literary festival in April, Wiscon in May. This is going to be a busy spring!

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4 Responses to The Book Trailer

  1. I have been waiting for your first novel and here it is. Looks lovely. Will buy it somewhere in the
    Bay Area, maybe at Borderlands, or Fogcon or Mythcon. Quirk is a good name for a publisher.
    Being a fan of isak Dinesen it is always pleasing to see her influence in the serious and most
    beautiful quirky and deep fantasy work.

  2. Sofia says:

    Omg! I am so excited about this!

    And I hope you’ll go to Readercon too!

  3. sarah says:

    It looks so wonderful … but frankly, I’ll be buying it for the sake of the cover alone. (And the fact I love your writing.)

    I would very much like to read about how you constructed it.

  4. Great trailer! Congratulations.

    I would totally love to hear about the process of writing it, fitting the pieces together (and it would seem an odd request on the publisher’s part that you carry this secret to your grave…)

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