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Ordinary Pleasures

Last summer, I spent a month in Budapest, taking a class in Hungarian. This summer, I organized my taxes. I’m not kidding, I really did organize my taxes. It’s such a relief, having all that paperwork organized into individual folders, … Continue reading

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Poem: Snow White Learns Witchcraft

Snow White Learns Witchcraft by Theodora Goss One day she looked into her mother’s mirror. The face looking back was unavoidably old, with wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. I’ve smiled a lot, she thought. Laughed less, and cried a … Continue reading

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Heroine’s Journey: Temptations and Trials

I was so busy last week that I didn’t have time to write a blog post. At the moment I’m trying to finish putting together a new short story collection, and also preparing for the Stonecoast residency, where I will … Continue reading

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Heroine’s Journey: Leaving Home

I’m going back a bit. As you may remember, the Fairy Tale Heroine’s Journey looks like this: 1. The heroine receives gifts. 2. The heroine leaves or loses her home. 3. The heroine enters the dark forest. 4. The heroine … Continue reading

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Heroine’s Journey: A Temporary Home

I was thinking just yesterday about how much I love my apartment. It’s not large: a one-bedroom in an old brownstone in Boston. But it has four closets plus a storage space, and ten-foot ceilings. I’ve furnished it with pieces … Continue reading

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A Forgotten Poet

I’ve been working on a project of mine: Poems of the Fantastic and Macabre. It’s an online anthology of poetry with fantastical elements, from as far back as poetry has been written in what is identifiably “English.” It goes all … Continue reading

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Heroine’s Journey: Learning to Work

You may remember that a while ago, I wrote a series of posts about the Fairy Tale Heroine’s Journey. I was teaching a class on fairy tales (I just finished teaching that class last month), and I realized that there … Continue reading

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